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About – Wellington Parker
Any questions? Call 0800 612 7025
Any questions? Call 0800 612 7025

About us

Everything you want to know about Wellington Parker

Accuracy and quality, each time…. every time

Wellington Parker London Ltd was created by a group of dedicated property professionals who wanted to do things differently. 

A thorough property inventory report is an essential document which must be undertaken with meticulous care, but experience taught us that all too often the opposite was true.

A disappointing majority of the reports we saw were unfit for purpose- unwieldy, difficult to read and with long turnaround times, they also provided very little in the way of descriptive detail or photographic evidence. Add the fact that countless inventories are completed by untrained staff with no insurance, and it’s easy to see why these are worrying times for landlords who want to protect their assets, or tenants wanting to protect their deposits.

Wellington Parker London Ltd was born out of a genuine love for property and a commitment to traditional values like honesty, attention to detail and outstanding service. Our primary aim is to give our clients’ peace of mind that the inventories they receive are absolutely accurate- we leave no stone unturned and create clear, easy to read reports that are written by experienced industry professionals.

Why choose us

We work around the clock to fit into our clients’ busy schedules, not the other way around- that means we’re able to take last minute appointments 52 weeks of the year including weekends and bank holidays. We manage all the bookings, taking the pressure off private landlords, letting agents and property managers so they can spend more time on other important business objectives. We’re friendly, professional and all fully trained, AIIC certified and CRB checked to ensure the very highest standards of service and security.

We’re able to provide a quick turnaround on reports without ever compromising quality or accuracy, and if you have any questions we’re always happy to take your call. Choosing Wellington Parker means you’ll be able to take advantage of a range of benefits that many other inventory companies don’t offer.

  • Online portal– specially created for letting agents, property managers and tenants, our secure client portal gives you access to important documentation and photographs at any time, any place, on any device
  • Data protection- ICO registered and fully compliant with the Data Protection Act (1998), we take client confidentiality extremely seriously and go above and beyond to keep your details secure
  • Protected report signing– once completed, all reports are encrypted and sent to every party for secure digital signing. This ensures that your document is completely safe, tamper proof and legally binding
  • Digital report signing – signatures available at your request
  • Fast turnaround– the state of the art technology we use means we can have the average report delivered within the same day
  • Last minute availability– we work from 8am to 8pm every single day of the year so are able to accommodate most bookings, even at short notice

*this may vary depending on property size and condition

The benefits of a professional, independent inventory report from Wellington Parker protects you should any disputes arise- tenants are always going to be more likely to look after a property if it’s backed up with photographic evidence and a comprehensive report. Because all our reports conform to AIIC guidelines they’ll cover every aspect of the property’s condition, significantly cutting down on court appearances and misunderstandings. We also keep up to date with any changes in legislation, continuously updating our reports to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Completing a thorough inventory that will stand up in court takes time, skill and experience. Many of the clients we work with already have the skills and experience, but lack the time. If this sounds familiar, you’ll love what Wellington Parker can do for you. We’ve got the resources, time and highly trained staff to take care of every aspect of the inventory process, leaving you to get on with other time critical tasks.

We pride ourselves on our great customer service skills and friendly, approachable nature. Because we work every single day of the year you’ll always have someone who’s able to take your call and provide you with all the information and advice you need.

We use state of the art technology to bring you the files you need, whenever you need them, wherever you are. Even though you’ll be able to access our online portal from your mobile device, you can rest assured that every bit of data on our system is completely protected. All messages are encrypted and the portal is only accessible to registered users with a pre-agreed, secure code.

We are full members of the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks). This membership ensure that all our clerks are trained to the highest standard and are kept updated about any changes to the law in relation to the Inventory and the property sector in general as well as providing continuous support. The AIIC have a strict code of conduct and professionalism which all our clerks follow meticulously, they are efficient and flexible with the ability to provide a personalised service to meet every clients’ needs.


We cover all of London, Greater London and the surrounding areas, but if you fall outside of our immediate area don’t let that put you off. We pride ourselves on making our clients happy and will do our very best to meet all your requirements and accommodate every booking.

We can accommodate bookings from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Green policy

“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it”

Right from the outset, we made a decision that our carbon footprint would be neutral. For this reason we choose not to automatically generate paper copies or print emails unless absolutely essential, preferring to send PDF reports electronically instead. All our printed materials are FSC certified, using trees from sustainable forests in Scandinavia and produced without chlorine bleaching. For every tree harvested, another three are planted, and we even use vegetable oil based ink which is completely biodegradable.

Of course, if you do require a hard copy we will be only too happy to provide one printed on 100% recycled paper.